Cincinnati Superhero Mom: Asha


Hands down, motherhood is the hardest job I have ever taken on.  But, I am in no way a superhero because I am a mother.  Most days I can’t even manage to keep my toddler from stripping down naked and running around outside.  But, I do think that being a parent requires a certain amount of tenacity, selflessness and some level of insanity that make it a job not unlike that of a superhero.

I have no intention of showing disrespect to the human mothers whose greatness I witness often in my life.  Some of them will even be featured as part of this segment in the future.  However, I wanted to kick off this monthly themed post with a little bit of fun, which is why the mother I am honoring is a gorilla.

Asha recently gave birth to her first baby, Mondika (Mona), at our beloved Cincinnati Zoo.  Representatives for the zoo have nothing but positive things to say on their website about how Asha has risen to the challenge of motherhood and is proving to be made for the job.  We wish her the best and look forward to witnessing a growing Mona and her adorable relationship with her mother, when we visit the zoo over the coming months.  For more information and adorable pictures of this mother and daughter, visit the Cincinnati Zoo facebook page.

Picture from Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Picture from Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens facebook page

If you know of a local Mom who you feel deserves some special recognition, email us at [email protected]

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