Cincinnati Superhero Mom: Nancy


SuperheroMom“Hands down, motherhood is the hardest job I have ever taken on.  I am in no way a superhero because I am a mother.  But, I do think that being a parent requires a certain amount of tenacity, selflessness and some level of insanity that make it a job not unlike that of a superhero.”

About six years ago one the most amazing woman I have ever met entered into my life and she happens to be a pretty amazing mother as well.  Nancy is a mother of three adult children and a new Nana to the most adorable little 6 week old.  She began as just the mom of a new friend but soon our relationship grew to one of a mentorship and a friendship.  My mother passed away when I was 20 years old and I have been fortunate to have a circle of different women surround me as maternal guides.  Nancy is one of these women for me.  One of the greatest gifts I receive from her is being able to watch and learn from her own example as mom.  She excels at motherhood, I mean excels!  This woman can plan a party, make all the decorations (probably from cuttings in her own garden), cook and bake a themed spread of food, and still look completely beautiful as guests arrive.  That in and of itself would make her a “superhero” mom in most books.

Nancy1But, that is not what I admire most about her.  I watch and have witnessed her have endless, unwaveringly love and devotion to each of her children.  Even as adults, she seeks to love and find ways of supporting them each uniquely and individually.  She has never lost sight as her role as parent and role model in their lives.  Trust me when I tell you, she can make a 32 year old think twice about the decision that they are about to make. Being a mom is a lifelong commitment she is fully  dedicated to and has continually modeled for me as I mother my own daughter.

It goes without saying that I am thankful that she chose to reach outside of her own family to cover me with her motherly love and has poured that love into my life as I grow and journey through motherhood.  She takes the time to nurture, to encourage, to laugh, to cry, to grow, to teach and to love.  That, to me, is what makes her a “super hero” mom.  Thank you Nancy.  You are an amazing woman and an amazing mother.

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