CMB’s Favorite Children’s Books: Christmas & Winter Edition {Series}

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Here at Cincinnati Moms Blog, we are passionate about literacy and children’s books!  (Not only do we all read to our children, but we’ve got one contributor who’s a children’s book author, one contributor who’s a reading teacher, one contributor who’s a consultant for an independent children’s book company, and two who work at a children’s book store!)  We pride ourselves on choosing high-quality books for our children that are engaging and contain themes and topics that children both enjoy and need.  We use books to empower, encourage, and educate our children, and we are pleased to share our favorite children’s books with all of you!

Christmas Books

 Story of Christmas by Vivian French
“This book is a simple but foundational telling of the Biblical Christmas story. It is an easy read and the art work is very nicely done. I appreciate that they explain what is going on rather than using words that some younger children might not understand such as “a place where animals eat out of” instead of manger. A great book to add to the Christmas collection to remind children (and adults) what the true meaning of Christmas is.” -Amy


 The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
“This is definitely one of my all time favorite Christmas books that is wonderful for all ages. The movie is wonderful (and a favorite as well) but the book is still magical and captures the whimsical innocence of the Christmas season. The story embodies the simple act of believing in things out of faith that we can not always fully understand. This book definitely gives your heart the warm-fuzzies.” -Amy


 Santa’s Twin by Dean Koontz
“Santa’s Twin by Dean Koontz. Santa’s evil twin Bob decides he wants to get revenge on his brother and ruin Christmas. It is up to two little girls to stop them and return Christmas to its fantastical roots. While it is written by renowned horror author Dean Koontz, it is a silly and fun book. It might not be the best choice for the little, little ones, but kids would get a kick out of it. At the same time, Phil Park’s illustrations are mind-blowingly good. I’ve not read the sequel “Robot Santa” but I can only imagine that it is just as silly, and charming, weird and fun as the original.” -David


 Santa Duck by David Milgrim
“My son loved this one so much we read it for months on end, and I know he’ll want to come back to it this Christmas. I like to do all the different animal voices and also love the message about giving to others before thinking of yourself.” -Jennifer


 Yes, Virginia: There Is a Santa Claus by Chris Plehal
“I absolutely love the simplicity and the magic of this story. It’s a fun read for younger children, but also a great reminder to those who are growing up to remember what is important about the season. It’s not about a guy in a red suit who brings presents. It’s about that feeling you get deep down inside this time of year that makes you want to believe.” -Sarah


 The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore
“Everyone needs to own this story, but this version is my favorite because the illustration is beautiful. I love reading this one to my kiddos before bed on Christmas Eve. It makes me feel content and happy.” -Sarah


 Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney
“I discovered the Llama Llama books after I had my second child and I love them… probably more than my children. I love them all, but Holiday Drama is one of my favorites. The pictures are bright and my kids think it is super silly to listen to. They especially love yelling the line “Llama Llama HOLIDRAMA!” It is important to have those books that are just plain fun to read.” -Sarah


 God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren
“This book helps with the great merge of all things Christmas. I have often found it difficult to make all the fun and imagination fit with the real meaning of Christmas, and this story helps. “To help her child understand more about God and why he “invented” Christmas, Mama Bear takes Little Cub on a polar expedition. Along the way they find many signs that God is close by—the dancing lights of the northern skies, an early morning star and the power of a mighty glacier. Through Mama’s gentle guidance, Little Cub learns that God loves her and everyone—polar bear, moose or human—so much that he gave us Jesus, the very best gift of all”. This is best for little kiddos (like 4 and under) as older kiddos will need more context.” -Casey


 Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You’re Never Too Little for His Love by Max Lucado
“Love this story about little mice who find out that their stable happens to be the stable where Jesus is born! It’s a sweet perspective on what the animals could have been thinking that witnessed Jesus birth. Illustrations are fabulous!” -Casey


Winter Books

 Snow by P.D. Eastman & Roy McKie
“This book is one I remember from my old childhood, and just seeing the cover brings back fond memories and happiness. The book is extremely simple in a lot of ways, making it great to read to the little ones, and even better when your little ones are starting to read. The illustrations, while also fairly simple, manage to capture the pure joy of playing in the snow and enjoying everything the winter has to offer. When little kids see those first few flakes tumble down from the sky, this book captures what happens in their little minds as they begin to freak out.” -David


 The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
“The Snowy Day is a simple story with lovely collage illustrations. There are enough details for older children, but it stands up to our “board book-aged” friends, too.” -Kelli


 Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner
“This book is so silly and fun! After the kids go to bed, all the snowmen come alive and live their secret lives of adventure. And that, of course, is why they never look quite the same the next day. The rhyming verse of the story is very engaging, and the pictures are beautiful. There are several other snowmen books like Snowmen at Christmas, Snowmen at Play, and Snowmen at Work.” -Jesika


 The Mitten by Jan Brett
“This is a Ukrainian folk tale that features Nicki and a pair of snow-white mittens that his grandmother knits for him. He looses one and many animals find warmth inside until a sneeze sends them all flying out! What really makes this book special are the intricate illustrations. You’ll find something new to see every time you read the book.” -Jesika


 Winter is for Snow by Robert Neubecker
“This book tells the tale of two siblings who have different opinions about winter. Brother finds the joy and adventure in snow and ice and the changing season, and sister sees nothing but cold and dampness. Throughout the sweet story, sister comes to appreciate the magic her brother sees in winter. I love this story because it reminds us, as adults, to try to see winter through a child’s eyes every now and again.” -Jesika


 The Snowman by Raymond Briggs
“This classic story is told through soft, beautiful pictures.  No words means that parents and children alike can tell their own story about what they see in the pictures.  A young boy befriends a snowman that he made and they embark on the journey of showing each other their worlds.  You can’t go wrong with this wonderful book.”  -Jesika


We are admittedly a bunch of Santa-lovin’-bloggers here at CMB, but we would love to compile a list of other holiday books!  If you have any favorite Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other holiday books that your family enjoys and you want to be part of a “CMB Reader-Submitted Holiday Book” post, comment below! 

Happy Reading!


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  1. We like to read books while cooking and baking in the kitchen. Our favorite book so far this year has been Closing the Book on Santa Claus by Ron Chandler. It is a fictionalized narrative of why a Merry Christmas law is needed for our local schools. The story is about a father who tries to save his daughter’s holiday celebration after it is cancelled at the local school. He organizes a rally at city hall, but unexpected calamity prevails. My daughter had me read that story twice. It also included four other stories that were fun to read.


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