Halloween Costume Round-Up!


Halloween 2020 will be yet another event altered by COVID-19, but I know that all of you mamas will be reaching into your bag of tricks to still make it magical for your kiddos.


And if you need some costume inspiration (or just a good laugh), check out some of your fellow Cincinnati moms and their little ones.

Fabulous Kids!

Look at how perfect these two are!
This Toy Story alien is ready for his first Halloween!
Who could resist this ladies’ man?!
This little one is too cute to be spooky.
How clever are these brothers’ costumes?!
The whole neighborhood is here!

Family Costumes

Woody and Jessie (and Bullseye)!
These guys are clearly Bob’s Burgers fans.  
Super Mario Bros. are a popular group costume inspiration!
See what I mean!
These girls are ready for some candy!
Look how sweet Minnie and Buzz are!

Now and Then

Me and my son, shortly before our second birthdays (1983 and 2016)
Three generations, two photos! The jungle cat in the 1980s photo grew up to be Lumiere in the recent photo!
A mama and her boys!
These four look amazing!
One of these Glam Punks is now the mama of this Star Wars Resistance pilot.

A big thank you goes out to the friends and families that allowed these amazing photos to be shared! I don’t know about you, but I am now officially ready to see the clever and adorable costumes that will be headed our way Oct. 31. Whether your child (and even you) are in a homemade creation or something store-bought, the most important part is having fun and making memories together. 

Happy Halloween!



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