Combatting COVID-19 Complacency


All dressed up and nowhere to go? (Literally, because of the Stay At Home Order in Ohio…) You could “Club Couch” like everyone else on social media right now, but if you’re more a homebody that was past the clubbing days anyway, you can still keep it fresh and exciting at home.

We’ve all been there at some point in the past several weeks – what we look like as moms right now seems completely irrelevant.


With our recently-added hats of homeschool teacher, stay-at-home mom, WFO mom, etc. – on top of everything else – what is the point? We run that risk of getting in a rut of going an ENTIRE week without putting in an effort to dressing up a little more in “real” clothes, wearing a little makeup, shaving our legs, or doing something with our hair. But, we can’t let that happen. It’ll be good for us to get out of our yoga pants and let our messy buns down for a day. It’s one of the simplest ways to self-care and will make our significant others oh so happy as well.

Plan one night a week for date night with your SO to have an excuse to dress up, put some lipstick on, and light some candles, even though you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go.

After only the first two weeks of being tied to the house, it was becoming harder to motivate myself to NOT just throw my hair up in a ponytail, forego even the attempt at mascara, and put on yet another pair of leggings for the day. However, my husband ever-so-lovingly pointed out the direction I was headed and encouraged me to change directions. For fun, I got all put together just to run out to the grocery store, and our daughter asked if we were having a date night! She definitely had noticed as well.

Don’t let yourself get complacent. Keep some of your same old routines and find ways to keep some spice in your life. This too shall pass, but we can make it pass with style! 🙂


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