Cute & Easy Valentines for Boys


My son is in 3rd grade. He lives for chances to give all of his classmates something. He has a summer birthday, and while I send birthday treats in close to the end of the year, I always try to make his Valentines something fun for him to give.

But there is a problem. I am NOT crafty!

Therefore, making robots out of juice boxes and apple sauces are out of the question. Pinterest is awesome, but combing through to find the Valentines that he wants to hand out to his classmates is near impossible.

We came up with a short list of Valentines that are fun, cheesy enough to be cute, but don’t include dinosaurs or hearts. Approved for wit and fun by Mr. Wit and Fun himself. Mom approved for being equally as easy as a box of pre-made Valentines.

Friend, You aMAZE Me! This is super cute and perfect for non candy classrooms. You can find the little mazes to attach in the party favors aisle most places.

You Are EXTRA Awesome, Valentine! Attach a small pack of Extra gum, add names and you are good to go!

Orange You Glad…We are Friends? Bag and tag your healthy treat with this fun printable. She also includes an “You are the Apple of My Eye” tag, but he wasn’t a fan 🙂 

You Are JAW-some! We actually did these last year. And I’m fairly certain I did not take a picture. Because I procrastinate. Also why I won’t be making robots. We attached snack sized bags of Goldfish crackers. 

I’m BEARy Glad You’re In My Class!  I got a shrug out of him for this one (that’s not a no, right?!), but I thought they were so cute! You could attach bag of gummy bears, or Teddy Grahams even. 

You’re Awesome Sauce! Another healthy treat option. You will want to have a 3” circle cutter for this one. Or additional patience to cut out 30 circles. I think this one is the winner for us this year!

These Valentines are so cute and fun for your boys (or girls!) to hand out at their classroom party. Best part, these only require a printer and NO crafty abilities!

Comment what you’re sending with your kids this year!


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