Skip the Dairy – But Keep the Sweet!

We're grateful to our sponsors Hudsonville Ice Cream for making ice cream that we can all enjoy!

Ah, the elusive kid’s birthday party invite. The ice cream social at school. The well-meaning grandma who just wants him to have a little treat with his cousins. It all sounds lovely, really, but when you have a dairy-free kiddo, my personal favorite dessert automatically becomes a disaster.

Title ImageDairy Free Difference

Thankfully, my four-year-old is lactose intolerant rather than having a severe allergy, but it still makes navigating seemingly-fun situations a little bit stressful. Do I give in and let him have a scoop so he doesn’t feel excluded? I can’t demand his preschool, for example, not to have their yearly ice cream party, but I KNOW my strong-willed guy isn’t going to be content with the jello they offer while everyone else is digging into their sundae. I could give you examples like this until the cows come home (get it? hehe.) but I won’t, because I think I may have solved all of my ice cream woes!

Friends, I’ve fallen in love. (Don’t worry, my husband is cool with it.) Our family is the newest addition to the Hudsonville Dairy Free ice cream fan club. With seven unique flavors to choose from, my little guy isn’t missing out on anything. We even had a family ice cream party because my little niece has a dairy allergy so the more the merrier! The best part- everyone, not just the dairy-free kiddos, had a lot of fun flavor tasting.

Free of Dairy, Full of Delicious

My four-year-old’s favorite was the Birthday Cake flavor. It’s blue with sprinkles, I mean, what’s not to love? His exact, unscripted review was, “It’s so good! I love it!”.

And my nephew certainly didn’t notice a Dairy Free difference as he tried scoops of about four of the flavors before he was cut off (haha!).

Hands off my Hudsonville!
Hands off my Hudsonville!

My brother in law really liked the caramel cookie dough flavor and made us all guess what the dairy-free alternative ingredient is. (Shhhh.Well, it’s not a secret, but it’s coconut cream and oat milk and it makes for a really light and fluffy texture. No weird aftertaste or film on your tongue!) 

As a mama who has seen her kiddo be left out too many times, it’s nice to know that he can be included more. I’m planning on sending a pint to school to have on hand for him if they ever have a class party. If he gets invited to a birthday I can just bring his own Dairy Free ice cream instead of being “that mom” that requests they have an option for him. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, and for that, I’m super thankful for Hudsonville Ice Cream.

Grab a Dairy Free Pint (or all seven!) today!

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