Relationship Tip: Plan a Date Day for the Win


My fabulous MIL offered to babysit this weekend so we could go out to celebrate our 18th (!) anniversary.

We turned her down.

Now before you all panic and say we are crazy, I offer you something better: Date Day.

Date Day for the win

We have reached the magical convergence of school age kids, one kid old enough to watch the other and flexible jobs to allow us to go out during daylight hours. We’ve taken weekday jaunts to movies, bars, breweries, entertainments centers, lunches with friends, bowling and even putt putt.

So you ask, why is date day better than date night?

  • Crowds: Any happening place you really want to try is way less crowded during the day.
  • Money: Often the lunch menu is waaayy cheaper than dinner.
  • Weather: Nothing like sitting in the outdoor biergarten of your favorite brewery on a beautiful day.
  • Time: Often the five hours between 11am-4pm are much more enjoyable than 7pm-midnight. Which leads me to:
  • More sleep: You can have a fun-filled day and be asleep by nine.

So if your life will allow, the next time you need some time away, make arrangements and plan for a date day. I promise you your relationship will thank you!

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I grew up in Wilmington, OH but am a Cincinnati girl at heart. I attended The (BEST) Ohio University, after which I met and married my husband of 18 years. After 2 kids (a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old girl) and 2 moves (Portland OR and Greensboro NC) we are back in our hometown and enjoying all Greater Cincinnati has to offer. As a contributor, I hope to pass on my love for this town and remind everyone that parenting is a messy business that is best dealt with a sense of humor, a stiff drink and a supporting cast of family and friends as crazy as you are



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