Dollar Beauty Jackpot {My Top Recommendations}


I am absolutely obsessed with bargain hunting. My favorite leisure activity is wandering through thrift stores and antique malls. I’m always looking for that perfect item that calls out to me, telling me its story and asking for new life.

I can spend hours sifting through racks of disposed of garments to find that one designer item that’s priced at $3.99. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I love it. Similarly, I also love the dollar store. To be clear, I’m not the person who raids the shelves for unnecessary items, but if I can replace one of my more expensive beauty products with a product that registers under two dollars, I’m all about it.

This month, I decided to review some of the dollar store’s most superb beauty finds. So, hold onto your wrinkle creams, you’re in for a money-saving ride.


Retinol Cream

I have been using this retinol cream for all over my face nightly for about a month and a half. My typical retinol cream costs around $45 for X ounces. This cream had a similar consistency to the more costly version, about the same thickness as you would expect from body lotion. What I loved about it is the complete absence of any oily seal for a retinol cream. It moisturized quite well for those of you looking for a retinol cream that causes some exfoliation and peeling; for me that did not occur, but my face is accustomed to retinoids. I would recommend this product to the ladies looking for one go-to face product at night. This product not only saves money but saves time and multi-product use.

Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream  

I chose this product when was looking to add my chest and décolletage to my moisturizing routine. At the age of 40, I started noticing some spotting and crêpeing of the skin. This is a cream that moisturizes without any weight. This product features hyaluronic acid, a well-researched, moisturizing compound. It compares in consistency to most clear, water-based, moisturizing facial lotions. After two months of use, I noticed an improvement in the fine lines and creasing at the cleavage. It did nothing for discoloration, nor is it intended to do so. It was a little too runny to use on my face (age and personal preference), but it was great for otherwise neglected areas.

Make-up Removal/Facial Wipes 

Hands down, dollar stores are the best place to buy make-up removal wipes. The price of facial wipes at regular drug stores average between $5 and $7. Over time, saving up to $6 per package really adds up! Typically, packs range from 24 to 36 wipes. Most dollar stores offer a surprisingly wide variety of sizes, scents, and purposes. I have sampled almost every type of facial wife offered. I can’t advocate any special claims like “calming, moisturizing, wrinkle repair, or energizing,” but they all get the job done by exfoliating, removing make-up, and cleansing.

Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo

I’ve noticed that the dollar store has added to its variety of salon-quality hair products in the last year. Typically, I use sulfate-free purple shampoos for my chemically altered blonde hair. This purple shampoo unfortunately did not have the same vibrance as my regular brand. (I tend to associate the intensity of the purple coloring with the shampoo’s toning capabilities.) I would highly recommend this purple shampoo and conditioner for blondes hoping to maintain the cool undertones from their salon visit, but I’m not so sure that it would take the place of a more expensive brand. On the other hand, using this purple shampoo does beat out spending extra money on color-protecting shampoo without the purple hue.

Wax Eyebrow Pencils  

For whatever reason, the beauty industry is all about the eyebrows. According to Market Watch, the eyebrow industry is booming and is expected to increase by over 10% annually! Now that my eyebrows have started to thin, I’ve tried eyebrow pencils, wands, and brush-on pigments. But my go-to, even if cost was not a factor, is a simple wax-based pencil with an eyebrow brush. I actually prefer the pencils from the dollar store compared to most popular drugstore brands. I choose a color, one step lighter than my actual eyebrow color so my brows are defined but not too heavy. The wax base provides sweat, resistant performance, and all-day pigment. If you’re not a seasoned dollar store believer, start with a two-dollar eyebrow pencil and you may find yourself easily converted.

Tea Tree Face Wash 

OMG, it’s like a liquid spa in a bottle. If I didn’t know better, I would price this product at or around $30. Thanks to the tea tree ingredient and smart packaging, this facewash smells and looks quite expensive. It contains salicylic acid, a chemical used to treat many skin disorders, such as acne and numerous dry skin conditions. The only negative? It’s so gentle that it may take two washes or the use of a beauty cloth to fully remove stubborn makeup.

If you have enjoyed these thrifty tips, rest assured that I plan on doing more money-saving follow-ups. With some trial and error, it is possible to pull off a $20 monthly beauty budget. Happy shopping, mamas.




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