Education is Not One Size Fits All

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Education is not a one-size-fits-all experience.

The above, is a quote, from the Childtime® Learning Center, and is one of many reasons why I am a big fan of their curriculum. I love this flexible approach to learning which allows their staff to develop trusted relationships to work with students and their families on a truly individualized educational journey.

Every child has unique interests and motivators.

As parents, one thing we can all agree on is that we want to see our child flourish. What I have been surprised to learn, however, is that WHAT this looks like can be very different. Even between my two kids, I find myself noting differences in how they learn, which interests inspire them to want to learn more, and the timing of when they tackle certain developmental milestones, both physically and cognitively. These differences have been present from birth and it’s actually one of my favorite parts of parenting. It’s fun to see the foundation developing that will one day make my children the stand-alone adults they will eventually be.

Childtime® understands this. And not only that, they find it challenging and rewarding to empower those differences too. At Childtime®, your child will develop their best mind and their love of learning, a learning that they recognize begins as soon as children enter this world and (if we are lucky) never stops as we grow older. The Childtime® curriculum is designed to empower children for success in elementary school—and the future.

They call this approach the School Readiness Pathway and it is designed to offer educational options so your child can find his/her best path. They offer specialized curriculum and developmentally appropriate programs for infants through Pre-K.

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Healthy bodies help create healthy minds.

While we all want our children to learn, MOVEMENT is a crucial part of development, overall health, and yes education as well. The Childtime Grow Fit® initiative ensures the complete well-being of your growing child through a focus on healthy living, nutritious eating, and physical fitness. Yes, please! Grow Fit® strives to incorporate the following:

  • Physical activity: 1-2 hours every day, including outside play when possible.
  • Limited screen time: At school, no more than 30 minutes weekly. At home, a maximum of 1-2 hours/day of quality screen time. None for kids ages two or younger.
  • Food: Fruits or vegetables during at least two eating occasions per day. Meals served family style. No fried foods. They also encourage your child to try new foods (all the praise hands for this one!)
  • Beverages: Water, whenever. No sugar-sweetened drinks. For ages two+: low- or non-fat milk.
  • Infant feeding: They support parents’ decisions. Breastfeeding moms can provide milk and are welcome to breastfeed during school time.

A curriculum that is designed to inspire and challenge.

As a parent and child development professional, myself, I often find myself seeking those “extras” that make a program well-rounded and (in my opinion) are just as important as the foundational curriculum. Childtime® recognizes the role that these extras can play as well and in response, offer a variety of electives for your child. Enhanced learning opportunities such as Spanish, yoga, chess, and music appreciation may be offered by your closest Childtime® location. (Mom Tip :: I do recommend checking with your specific center as programming may vary based on enrollment and staffing.)

Additionally, Childtime® does offer before and after-school clubs, and, in the summer, Camp Curiosity. As a working mom, I also tend to appreciate when a program builds in this kind of flexible childcare where I know my child will still be stimulated and well-cared for!

Now enrolling with a special offer!

It’s not too late to find the perfect educational and development opportunity for your child this year! Enroll now and receive Free Registration or $150 off tuition. You must enroll and attend by September 7 for this offer to apply. You can find a Childtime® Learning Care Center in Liberty Township, Mason, Blue Ash, and conveniently located downtown on both Race and Main St.

Call to schedule a tour at 877.624.2602 or online at


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