Celebrating Everyday Victories


It can sometimes be hard to remember the wonderful aspects of parenting when you’re elbow-deep in dishes, knee-deep in laundry, eyes-deep in work, trying to keep your kid(s) happy, and remembering all the things that keep your family running. (Did I pack sunscreen? Does the cat need food? Are we eating enough leafy greens?! Did she have too much screen time today? Etc., etc., etc.)

But then, out of nowhere come those little victories, those gentle reminders from the universe that it is all okay, you’re okay, and this life is pretty remarkable.


– The freshest strawberries you’ve had in ages, and the bright red smear on your toddler’s face as she enjoys them just as much as you are.

– Fresh, fluffy white towels fresh out of the dryer.

– Planting tomato plants that will yield the BEST tomato sandwiches later this summer and the joy you know is coming with the juice that inevitably will run down your forearm as you enjoy every bite.

– This Cincy weather that, while varying wildly from day to day, is incredible and the breezes that keep us cool while discovering our new neighborhood.

– Feeling like Snow White each time you walk out your door because of the gorgeous birds, chipmunks galore, the neighborhood deer, and bunnies everywhere. I had no idea Cincinnati was FULL of these sweet creatures that make for very lively toddler conversations (she bets the squirrel is gathering acorns to take home to his mom for breakfast and wonders if he and the bird are best friends).

– Meeting the kindest neighbors who make you genuinely laugh, have children the same age as yours, and finally feeling like the village you’ve been missing is in reach.

– New running shoes and the journey back to feeling strong and healthy after a year stuck inside.

– Your little discovering her love of bookstores is equal to your own.

– Nailing that project at work you’d forgotten about (How even?! Calendars galore!) and feeling really good about the finished product.

– Finding the perfect t-shirt for summer.

– Discovering that your new mom-wagon has a CD player (I KNEW I was right for not getting rid of them, even if my wife has been making fun of me for a decade and we’ve moved them several times… blasting your favorite college tunes, sunroof open, heated seats on, even if it is just back home from dropping your daughter off at school.

– That haircut you’ve needed for months and makes you feel like a new person (bye-bye split ends!).

– Fiona. Yes, the hippo. Seeing the joy in our little’s eyes her first trip to the (well, any) zoo this week, but especially in seeing Fiona who we’ve been talking about with friends from the area for over a year. They were kind enough to send us one of Bibi’s nose-print paintings that hangs in her playroom.

– Finding a collective of moms here. Sharing this all with you. Thanks, friends.



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