Full Body Playground Workout to Drop Inches this Summer


Finding time to work out as a mom can be difficult! So why not kill two birds with one stone? Work out while your kids run around and play! They would much rather have you up and running around with them, than sitting on a bench by yourself. It truly is a win-win. 

I start each workout by getting my blood pumping. Chase them for a good 2o minutes. Play tag. Go until you’re both out of breath. Kids need exercise, too and this will push them as well and you will end up having fun and making memories while you’re working out. Next, start the following workouts and repeat 3x. In between sets, do something to get your blood pumping again. Jump rope, steps, chasing them again, running, whatever. Don’t take breaks in between exercises and keep moving. You will burn more fat this way. 

Calf Raises

Simple yet very effective exercise to get toned, sexy calves for summer! Start with your heels hanging off of a ledge. Push up with the front of your foot as high as you can go.  

Step Ups with Knee Raise

Think Carrie Underwood legs. This easy workout tones your hamstrings, glutes and quads for an all around leg workout! Stand about a foot away from the step. Step up with your left leg and push through your leg while lifting the right leg up. Pause for a brief second and repeat. Each leg should be done 15x and then switch legs. 

Double Knee Tucks

Do this belly blaster a few times a week and your stomach will shrink like crazy! Start with your legs comfortably supported on a swing. Crawl your arms out as far as you can go. Bend your knees in towards your stomach into a crunch. You should feel your abs tighten. 

Hanging Body Weight Rows

This move will tone your back and your arms! Holding onto the chains, plant your heals and lift your toes. Using your biceps and back, pull up while keeping your core tight and plank position. 

Jump Squats

When you mix jumping and squatting, think fat burn AND a toned behind, perfect for a bikini! Stand upright on the ground about 12 inches away from a slide or step. Jump up and squat. While squatting, make sure you keep your chin up, core tight and chest out. Go down as low as you can go. Push back up with your glute and the back of your legs (hamstrings). 

Body Weight Hip Thrust 

Want a rounder, firmer, lifted butt? These are your go-to. Start by leaning on your shoulders on the bottom of a slide and using arms only for balance. Lift up and squeeze your glutes together and keeping your core tightened. Pause for a second, then slowly lower. Try not to touch the ground in between. 

Hanging Crunches

Using your leg weight helps to get the lower abdominal muscles that most women want versus the higher abdominals that normal crunches help achieve. Hang on to rings, the monkey bars or another bar and pull up with your knees. Keep your core tight and pull up to the left, right, and center. 

Single Leg Lunges

Another glute activator and leg exercise. An oldy, but goody! Rest your left foot on the slide. Put your right foot out far enough so that when you lower it, you knee will not go past your ankle. As you lower your body, keep your chest out and core tightened. Push up with your leg and glute. Switch legs after 15 reps. 

Try these exercises out the next time you hit the playground with your kids! It’ll keep you in shape and show your children that your health (and theirs) is a top priority! Do you have a favorite playground workout? Share it with us in the comments!


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