Come Party with Us: It’s a (House)Party!

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::Disclaimer:: Cincinnati Mom Collective received compensation and experience in exchange for this post, however opinions are 100% our own and genuine.

Moms, we’re all wearing so many hats right now – hats that were thrust upon us with no warning and not by any choice of our own, hats that we never asked for and some of us never wanted, but hats that we must wear with as much grace and joy as we can muster nonetheless.  Women are strong and resilient; YOU are stronger than you may know.  Listen, we carried a child in our womb for 9+ months, forfeiting our bodies to this tiny growing human, we went through childbirth, we survived breastfeeding and sleepless nights, we kept going through teething and baby-proofing, and you’ve survived motherhood to whatever stage you are in now.  Some of you moms had to go through the challenging process of adoption or infertility before getting your bundles of joy; some of you breastfed for one day or 18 months, and some of you dealt with buying formula, heating bottles just right, and cleaning all those many bottles.  However our motherhood journey started, we are united in the unknowns of living through a global pandemic.  

“Whatever you are doing right now, you are doing everything right.”

Whatever you are doing right now while homeschooling, working from home, taking care of family members, not having your own space or room to breathe, not being able to get your hair or nails done or go get a massage or drink with your girls, you are doing everything right.  Please hold onto that truth.  There is no guidebook, no playbook, for how to navigate a pandemic.  We’ve never been through this in our lifetime.  You just figure it out as you go.  You find ways to feel connected and find happiness at the end of each day, and one way to do that right now is to download the Houseparty app and begin using it with your friends and family you have to practice social distancing with during these unprecedented times.  Let’s don one more hat together – a party hat!

Houseparty is a safe and trusted way to connect with the people you care about most.  Not only can you see your friends’ and family’s faces and feel less isolated, you also get to have a ton of fun!  It’s not just a video chat app; you can play four free games like Trivia and Heads Up.  Houseparty provides you with a great way to host a happy hour with friends, have a virtual birthday party or baby shower, or have any other type of celebration or get together you can think of during COVID-19.  

“Let’s (House)party!”

Houseparty is the face-to-face social network whose mission is to bring empathy to online communication by bringing people together in the most human way when not physically together. This app helps you spend quality time with the people you care about most. Houseparty video chats can only be initiated with a mutual handshake. Friends of friends can enter your chat, but you can just “lock” your room to keep it private.  Houseparty is secure. Your data is protected. When you need to connect with friends and family while navigating this novel coronavirus, use the Houseparty app to get the most impactful experience out there. This is the next best thing to hanging out in person with those you care about.

One of my favorite things is that I can link it to my existing Snapchat account when signing up.  It loads my fun Bitmoji and all for me. During registration, you have to enter your cell number and get a verification code to ensure you’re a real live human. It also gives you the chance to scan your phone contacts and Facebook contacts to see who you know that is already on the Houseparty app and ready to hang with you! When you share an invite for someone to join that’s not on there already, it prompts you to ask them if they want to (House)party – yeah, we’d all love to party right about now! And, when friends/fam can’t join you, you can send them a highlight of your party via Facemail. Houseparty app is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome.

Both my sisters live in Florida, and we rarely ever get to talk all together or see each other’s faces at once, and Houseparty kept us talking to each other for over an hour the other day!  We didn’t even get to the games (but plan to!).  It was so simple for the first two of us to enter the “house” together and then invite the third sister to join in.  We plan on doing this on a regular basis going forward – and inviting the future-sis-in-law to the “sister house” too!

What are you waiting for?  Get to downloading, invite all your friends and family (well, the ones you like anyway 😉 ), and start initiating those handshakes!  Follow along @houseparty on IG.


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