January Linger Ideas {Ways to Slow Down This Time of Year}


2023. We made it. 

It’s crazy to feel the impact of these past three years and give pause to remember all that we have traveled on this healing journey. 

The end of 2022, there was a stirring for the word linger as my kids and I watched Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. It’s a beautiful perspective and we have had the song, Linger, on repeat ever since. 

🎶 Mmm mmm I want to linger, 

Mmm mmm a little longer, 

Mmm a little longer here with you.🎶 

It stirred a beautiful conversation on what the word linger means and times when we could change the way we do things to help someone feel the time shared together. 


There are definitely conveniences of digital processing and online shopping that are received as a gift on some days. I am finding great beauty in balancing out those conveniences with taking time to do things a little slower and receiving the gift of attaching to the meaning behind the task. 

This led me to set some goals for January and focus on places where I can choose the slower way as I set myself up to connect and be present in a different kind of way.

January Linger Ideas

  • Choose time in the morning to sip coffee slowly and let your mind have time for encouragement to start your day.
  • Make coffee once a week or more as a pour-over while listening to some calming music. 
  • Choose a meal a day your family can gather around the table and share in conversation together.
  • Go to the post office to mail a package for a friend instead of ordering from Amazon.   Take time in line to keep your phone away and share smiles and a kind “hello” with those in line with you.
  • Write a letter to mail to a loved one, taking time to speak gratitude for who they are to you.
  • Make a meal from all fresh ingredients, nothing processed. 
  • Learn a new skill, like baking bread, then make batches to hand out as gifts to your neighbors, co-workers, etc. 
  • Give yourself time at a grocery store or dollar store to help a person who needs assistance.
  • Give yourself OFF electronic days where no phone or TV is part of the slow pace, and use this day to plan a hike or outdoor adventure time or game day indoors with your people. 
  • Make a homemade gift for someone. 
  • Walk instead of driving somewhere.
  • Call a friend to check in instead of texting.

What would you add to your linger list? 

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