Just for Today, Momma


Sometimes life comes at you fast and you don’t have the energy to pick yourself up to be this picture of togetherness.  Sometimes you have two seconds away from parenting only to overhear your eldest talk sharply to your youngest and you recognize your criticism in her voice, and then beat yourself up for the example you laid out. Sometimes, your husband has been working until late at night and the kids are awake far past bedtime, consistently, and dinner all week equates to take-out and frozen meals.

Sometimes it is all you can to keep putting a foot ahead of the next.  And sometimes, these are the words you need to hear.  May you hear them and know they are true.

Just for today, Momma, stop.

Stop judging the imperfections.

Stop judging the madness.

Stop judging the fits.


Just for today, Momma, breathe.

Breathe in the unexpected detours.

Breathe through the loneliness.

Breathe deep the love.


Just for today, Momma, know.

Know, undoubtedly, you are simply enough.

Know there is no right way.

Know, honestly, you’re adored.


Just for today, Momma, believe.

Believe in the spirit of your children.

Believe in their secrets.

Believe in the plan.


Just for today, Momma, trust.

Trust that this insane, intricate ride was designed.

Trust your circle will help you.

Trust it will turn out.


Just for today, Momma, be.

Be your intended, complicated, exquisite self.

Be the sparkle hidden in your child’s eye.

Be unapologetically you.


Because for always, Momma, you are more than enough.


    • Jesika! What a sweet comment!!!! Post it as many times as you need, in as many places, until the affirmation that you are wonderful and your best is enough is your truth. ❤️❤️❤️

      Happy Mother’s Day, friend! You are amazing!!!


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