Let’s Get This Party Started… {Series}


Do you need a creative head start on planning that next birthday (or other) party?  CMB contributor Christina has you covered!  In this series, she will be giving tips and ideas for a variety of different themes guaranteed to make your birthday boy/girl smile.


Concept: Vintage Super Mario Bros. party

With all of the new creative party ideas around, some kids still love a good vintage party theme. Super Mario Bros. is a classic party idea because the game is still around. Kids enjoy seeing how the game has changed over the years. To have a little more fun with this theme, I focused on keeping the key items in this party décor as original as possible. Then, follow that idea up with as many personalized items as one might be able to create.

Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen Photography

Food: From the younger ages to the older child, when selecting food for a Super Mario Bros. party, this element is simple as most foods will fit with the theme. For example, in the Vintage party I styled for my fun client Ethan, I used traditional chicken nuggets which happened to work perfectly in the fry scoops. Then, I used a food title such as “coin nuggets” to piggy back on the theme. Another key food selection was pizza (which is also a “safe” party food) that happened to work very well with the decorative food containers, I selected. Finally, each dessert was completely thematic and served as another reflection of what vintage items Super Mario Bros. had when they came out many years ago.

You can find a guide for DIY food to fit with this theme HERE.

Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen Photography
Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen Photography

MB5Decoration: As mentioned in the previous section, my food presentation was a large part of my décor for this Vintage Super Mario Bros. party. I was able to find vintage Nintendo sleeves, fry scoops with personalized party paper and I had great signs with scenes from the game. The paper items created by Nellie Leis designs (found on ETSY.com) included Ethan’s name, age, and birthdate. It’s always an easy decorating tip to add balloons. In the room leading to Ethan’s dessert and food station I fill the empty space with two dozen balloons. I called them “power rings”.

Activity: Ethan’s father still owned his original Nintendo from many many years ago. We were able to set up a “game station” for the children to take turns playing Super Mario Bros. “old-school” without HD or fancy graphics. I must say this was a highlight for the party.

Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen Photography

Party Favors: Finally, the party favors were vintage Nintendo trading cards from a vendor on ETSY.com (a very trusted site). The children were thrilled with knowing their party favor was almost twenty years old.

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