Little E Trends: What Mom’s Decor Dreams are Made of {+ Giveaway!}

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Lately I’ve been finding myself less than satisfied with the home decor at the big box stores.  You know, the stuff that looks cute and trendy on the store shelves and then gets thrown out six months later because it’s just nothing special.  Instead, I’m being intentional about where I spend my money and opting for items that are handmade, unique, and timeless.  If the creator can customize it for our home and family, that’s even better.

Little E Trends began when momtrepreneur Emily couldn’t find the décor she wanted for her son’s nursery. Combining her background in fashion design with her dad’s carpentry skills, she started making what she envisioned. Friends and neighbors began asking for custom pieces, and eventually Emily turned her hobby into an Etsy shop, named after her two-year-old son Evan. Most of Emily’s pieces can be customized to suit individual tastes, and she likes to collaborate with her customers.

I think it’s awesome when I am connecting with mothers around the country because of ETSY and creating custom pieces for their children or for gifts! I get inspired when I’m playing with my son, his friends, my nieces and nephews and when I just connect with other mothers. Every child is so unique in their fun loving way and I want to create one of a kind pieces for them.

– Emily from Little E Trends

The fun began for me when I got to choose three items from Emily’s shop to review. Given my love for handmade décor, I spent a good three days combing through the store trying to narrow down my choices. Little E Trends offers a wide range of products, from throw pillows and baby blankets to nursery furniture and storage. I finally settled on these three:

Photos Courtesy of Little E Trends Etsy Shop

Perhaps you’re noticing a trend. Our house (which I adore) was built in 1970. Apparently people in 1970 didn’t have a lot of stuff, because our house does not have storage. With three kids, I’m desperate for places to put their stuff.  Pretty storage gets bonus points in my book, and Little E Trends offers pretty storage.

The box was delivered to my door within days, and it was super exciting to get a box that didn’t contain diapers! Emily’s branding is charming; even the box has a cute black and white sticker with her logo. I felt like it was my birthday. My boys stalked the mailman all the way up to the door, and they refused to leave the box until it was opened. I was dressed and ready to get groceries, but some things can’t wait. We opened it up right away. Such excitement! Everything was packaged securely, and the larger items were wrapped in bubble wrap. (Thank you, Emily, for the bubble wrap. You kept my boys happy and busy for DAYS!) Inside the bubble wrap, the bow holder was wrapped in black tissue paper with another sticker logo. I wish I’d taken a picture, because it looked like the perfect present. If you decide to order a gift from Little E Trends, you won’t need to wrap it.

We postponed the grocery still further because the bow holder needed to go on the wall. My baby is my first girl, and I was unprepared for the headbands. In fact, on more than one occasion, my foolish twenty-something self may perhaps have declared that I would never put a baby girl in a ridiculous headband. Well. I would like to apologize for pretty much everything I said in my twenties. I have been trying to figure out how to organize and store Violet’s headbands for nine months now, and this is the perfect option. The wood is rustic but not too rough, and the princess décor dresses it up. I wouldn’t exactly call my style shabby chic because I tend to like simple lines, but I do like character. This fits perfectly with what I call a grown-up baby girl room, and I think Violet will like the princess element when she discovers Disney princesses. Also, I have by no means maxed out the storage this offers; I could probably fit three times as many bows, and when she starts wearing barrettes, I’ll probably just clip them to a ribbon and hang them as well. This is a piece that can truly grow up with a girl; eventually it will be the perfect place to hang necklaces and bracelets, and it doesn’t require shelf space, which is in short supply in our house.


The wooden crate was next. My three-year-old saw the wheels and squealed, “A car!” I read him the riot act, and I’m pretty impressed that he hasn’t tried to drive it yet. Instead it is doing a lovely job of holding my quilts.  I love quilts. They are amazing to cuddle under, but when I try to fold them or drape them over the side of the couch, little hands immediately throw them on the floor. Nothing says “failure at housekeeping” like quilts and blankets all over the floor. This crate is perfect for storing three or four blankets or throws until they are actually needed. I think it looks charming and rustic, but the wood is also smooth and won’t snag or scratch what you put inside. This is really a glorious little storage option; It is roomy enough to be a toy box; it could hold books and it would be a great place to store craft supplies if you knit or sew and want to move supplies from room to room as you work. It could totally hold practical things like shoes or scarves and gloves in an entryway. I suspect over time that I’ll use it in several different ways; it is a truly versatile piece. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the clean lines could work with many decorating styles.

CratePost1The burlap storage was the last item I pulled out, and it is even cuter in real life than in the online picture. Since I have a baby sharing a house with older boys, one of my challenges has been keeping the baby toys separate from things like legos and action figures. I typically move Violet from room to room with me as I work throughout the house, and I don’t always have a place to stash her toys in each space. This storage tote is perfect. It holds a whole collection of knock knock blocks, a toy piggy bank, and four stuffed animals…comfortably. It is lightweight and the handles make it easy to tote from room to room. I like burlap in all forms, but the flower makes this tote perfect for a baby girl’s room. I do a lot of sewing myself, and the craftsmanship is impressive; it absolutely was made by a professional.

SackPost1Emily has tons of other cute options on her site; I especially love the fabric-backed letters for a nursery or kids’ room. If I was decorating a room for a little one, I would absolutely go this route. Also, the quality of the carpentry on the wooden crate would make me very confident ordering one of the larger furniture items. Her décor would blend well with a variety of styles. Google tells me that my house is “modern rustic” (Is that a real thing?) and it works perfectly. If you are decorating, follow this link to Little E Trends for something unique instead of hitting up the big box stores. I promise, you will be impressed. Make sure you check back often; just in the last two weeks, she has added a number of new items. And remember that she takes custom orders if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for.

Little E Trends is generously offering Cincinnati Moms Blog Readers the chance to win ONE of the items reviewed in this piece. Use this link to access the giveaway now!

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