Make the World Your Kid’s Classroom with Help from the Family Backpack

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What better education could we ask for our kids, than to give them the chance to explore our world? If you are anything like me, you have moments where you day dream and picture your kids climbing on the hills of Santorini or snorkeling along side you in Belize. An African Safari would also be on my travel bucket list, as are trips stateside to Colorado and Maine.

If I am being completely honest though, there is a lot about those travel dreams that also stresses me out. What is the best approach for a family traveling to these far away (unfamiliar!) destinations with kids in tow? How do I pack all of our needed essentials without OVER packing (Yes, I am this person.) How do I figure out what resources will be most helpful, because let’s be honest… google is not known for it’s brevity and there are over 300 family travel blogs.

Enter the Family Backpack.

The Family Backpack, is a passion project of a fellow mom and business women who combined her love of travel with a desire to give back to fellow parents by putting all of her research and experiences to work for them! The Family Backpack takes the best family travel blogs and their posts and makes the curated content searchable. Not only does this resource allow busy parents to plan family vacations much easier (and faster) by putting reliable resources at your fingertips, but it also opens up doors to both international and domestic travel destinations you may never have considered without this support!

This resource includes many aspects of traveling with children, including:

What really makes the Family Backpack a reliable resource, in my mind, is that the founder is a mom herself. It is reassuring to know that the person compiling the information shares my parental perspective, allowing her to tap into her experiences about what has worked and what has not in the world of travel with children!

I LOVE to travel and always have. I married a guy who also loves to travel and we trekked to many places together. Then we had kids and made the decision to continue traveling, even though we knew that it would become more challenging.

However, our family trips got more adventurous each year and we started making journeys beyond the United States. I realized that traveling with kids did not have to be constrained to Disney and waterparks – although those are fun trips, too – but that we could go anywhere and, in doing so, they would show me sides of travel I would have completely missed as an adult.

– Andrea, Founder of The Family Backpack

There are so many reasons to make traveling a priority for your family and the Family Backpack is a great place to start shifting your travel dreams to travel realities.

“Children who learn to travel will travel to learn.”-Keith Bellows travel writer & editor for National Geographic Traveler Magazine


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