My IG: Just for Me


I love Instagram. Maybe a little too much. One might take a gander at my Instagram profile and see a lot of one thing: me. If you only knew me from that profile, it might come across that I’m a little into myself, and that’s totally ok!

I’m an only child with a creative background. I did theater growing up and today, I write. I’m a wife and stay-at-home mom who also works from home part-time and owns a separate travel business. I’m busy and the majority of my time is spent focusing my energy on everyone else but me.

The few moments I have to myself, I often use social media as a way to decompress. Each platform serves a different purpose for me. My Facebook is about my connections in real life. I love catching up on what’s happening with friends and family both near and far. I view Instagram as a way to express some of the creativity that lays within me. I’m a terrible photographer, but I enjoy writing captions, and while I do allude to my family on Instagram, it’s mostly about me.

I feel like we all need some outlet that’s just about us. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that it’s my time to fade in the background. It’s not even about the “likes,” even though I do love the connections I have made. Each time I post a tidbit about myself, it makes me feel a little lighter on my feet and I can go back to being someone’s tantrum outlet or answer a work email.

So if you find me on Instagram and you see a series of photos highlighting my coffee mug of the day, and you think to yourself “um, boring.” That’s ok! I’m not posting for you, it’s all about me, baby! 



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