October Photo Scavenger Hunt


Pursuing photography’s beautiful lens has been full of its learning curves on the journey of owning a business while investing in the passions of the art of it all. 

Recently I stepped outside of my current workflow and invited my daughter into a session of mentorship. To witness her excitement in camera preparation and readiness for the session filled my love tank to overflowing. 


A child is never too young to be invited into those spaces with a parent where talents and passions merge together for growth. Allow a child the gift of seeing the rises and the falls of a lifestyle pursuing purpose. 

Throughout our session, we talked about three points of relevance toward relationship-building and environmental awareness. 

Know the story. 

Create the space. 

The details matter.  


It was a beautiful place of mentorship as gratitude filled my spirit toward seeing my 7-year-old daughter process the importance of those dynamics. 

As a photographer, it is crucial to know the story you are wanting to document. Sage perfectly made the comparison that truly relates to other relationship-building as well, “That is so true Mom. If you have someone who loves the water and wants to laugh and splash around and you take them to the middle of the woods, then you were not listening to what they wanted and you did not capture the right story.” 

AH, ABSOLUTELY! This is about creating the space for the right kind of story to be told. 

When it comes to listening to the needs and desires of another, details matter. 

Life is sweetly enriched through the big picture and the detailed moments and the thread that holds them all together for a portrait of grace and of love. 

This special moment of time with my daughter led to an October focus of threading these three places together. 


I have compiled a list to give you a moment of PAUSE amidst the FALL season and document your own kind of beautiful story that you are living. You have beauty surrounding you in the everyday if you open your eyes amidst the moving parts to see it. 

Allow this space to prepare your heart for the gratitude of this season and provide you with portraits of grace as you embrace your story. 

These portraits are a thread of knowing the story, creating the space, and portraying that the details matter:  


 {you can share Instagram tagging @t_ralston_photography & @cincymomcollective so we can savor in your beauty as well}

  • Book you can curl up by the fire with
  • Your favorite FALL sweater
  • Sharing a warm beverage with a friend 
  • The most colorful tree
  • Getting together with family or friends 
  • Song you have on repeat 
  • Your favorite pumpkin spice thing 
  • Football team spirit 
  • Jumping in leaf piles 
  • A Wide open space
  • A stream of water 
  • Pumpkin patch fun 
  • Laughter being shared 
  • Fall decorations at your house or a neighbor’s 
  • Cozy part of your home 
  • Something beautiful 
  • A favorite quote 
  • A fall landscape 
  • Crazy faces with friends 
  • A fall snack or meal 
  • One colorful leaf 
  • Jack o lantern face 
  • Roasting marshmallows 
  • Fire embers 
  • Cuddled under a warm blanket 
  • Outdoor nature hike “treasure find” 
  • Family game night 
  • Halloween costumes 
  • Favorite candy from trick or treating 
  • Pumpkin seeds 
  • A handwritten card 

Life’s moments are a gift to treasure and to celebrate. May this photo scavenger hunt be a place that ushers you into the beautiful portraits of your story!

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