Keeping the Chaos Organized


Our family recently went from three to five members by adding twins. It’s been awesome but also challenging in many ways. A lot of people tell me “I don’t know how you do it.” Sometimes I don’t know either. However, I’ve been giving it some thought and I’ve come to realize that it is a combination of things that help: family, friends, technology, innovative baby gear, etc. In addition to these, one of the things that really helps me is staying organized. I know that sounds like a fairy tale which is why I’ve decided to call it the “organized chaos.


Below you’ll find a few items (with links) that help me stay organized while making the house look less cluttered and messy.

Living Room

Wall calendar – I’m sure a lot of you keep some sort of calendar where we jot down the gazillion things that happen during the month. I like this one because you can build your own system based on the needs of your family. It helps us keep track of our schedules knowing what will be happening in the upcoming days. I also like this one because I find dry erase to be easier to clean and rewrite.

Toy box – If you are like me, your family room has probably been taken over by your kids. Everywhere you look there are toys. I really wanted to do some decluttering while also getting a practical piece. This box can be used as an ottoman or an accent table while also putting away your kids’ toys. It is very sturdy and people can sit on it, providing you with extra seats.

Blanket basket – Who doesn’t like snuggling under a blanket during the cold months? We have a bunch of them and try to keep them neat using a basket similar to this one. The beauty of these baskets is that they are durable, sturdy and can be used for many items like towels, toys and books.


Modular system – I had pens all over the house and it drove me crazy because I could never find one when I needed it. This magnetic modular system allows me to keep all the pens (scissors, screwdrivers, etc.) in one place but also tucked away where they don’t take any space. I keep mine in the back of my pantry door. I also use it in my craft room to keep magazines, paints and other things organized and away from little hands.

Drawer organizer – I use these for kitchen, bathroom and desk drawers. It’s honestly the best way to keep everything in place and accessible. For the kitchen drawers, I’ve found this expandable one to be the best and most accommodating for the different drawer sizes.

Spice organizer – This might not seem like a big deal but when I’m trying to cook, while the kids take a nap or watch a little bit of TV, every minute counts. A spice rack similar to the one in the link keeps the spices tiered so that you can see what they all are and don’t have to waste time moving them or taking them all out to find the one you need.

Everywhere Else

Bags for diaper bag – Having a diaper bag for multiples can be a recipe for disaster. If you don’t organize everything in it, you probably won’t find what you need, when you need it. I use these clear bags to keep things organized and visible. I use one for change of clothes, one for toys, one for diapers and wipes, etc.

Broom holder – I’m a little bit obsessed with these. I have two in our garage and one in our basement. It’s a good way to keep all the “sticks” organized and away from kids.

Craft organizer – I know not everyone is into crafting or wrapping presents but if you are, this little guy can come in very handy keeping everything accessible and orderly.


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