Confession: I Am an Over Poster


I know, Facebook isn’t secure but I basically think we’re all being monitored anyway so whatever. For me, my feed and what I post is a reminder of what’s been, as these past few years have simply moved too fast. It may be too much for some, but it brings me joy – I love scrolling through, remembering things that have happened, seeing my kids in activities or with friends and family, and reading comments of the joy they bring to others, too.

I’ve been scolded by those who have moved away from social media but I have most of my family not just out of town but overseas, so I post for them. They get to see not just the birthdays but the everyday life we lead.

I post because without my photos, I wouldn’t remember my twins’ first year at all. Eh, make that their first two. Blame it on the sleep, stress, juggling act with their then-3-and half-year-old bro, but there was so much going on, I was in a fog. I look back as Facebook reminds me what happened three years ago and I smile, but also sometimes cry over moments I don’t remember but are thankful to see now.

Many photos I post are those winning mama moments to remind me on the days that aren’t so amazing that it is sometimes better. In the heat of it, this can be such a helpful reminder, as we mamas put so much stress on ourselves to be superhuman.

I post as a way to back-up my photos, as I’m not quite sure I trust the Cloud. I don’t know if it’s because I’m now officially past 35 and in the “old” category when it comes to comfort with tech or just my previous bad experiences, but regardless, I like having another place I can expect my favorite photos to be. There are ways to back-up straight from Facebook, too, in case of disasters like my computer being stolen or a fire burning down my house (yes, after the kids are out, my digital media would be the next thing I’d save if I could). 

I do try to keep in the moment, posting after something occurs. And I do ensure I don’t post photos of others unless they say it’s ok. Maybe someday I’ll scale back. Likely not, considering I was brought up by a woman who brought a GALLON size Ziploc full of film to any wedding our family had. So I get my trigger finger honestly. I figure if someone doesn’t like my feed full of the cuteness of my kids, they can move along.


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