Prioritizing my Health: Why I Chose to Try a Cleanse {Series}


Cleanse Post 1I am not a New Year’s resolution kind of person but this year I really wanted to focus on being a healthier person.  Not just physically, but as a whole person.  I decided to take this on a year long goal, which coincidentally started the first of the year.  I knew I could not tackle each sector of my life at once but chose instead, to simply take on a chunk (such as reading every day) for a few weeks and work on it, take a break, and try something new a month or so later.  The hope is that some of the new healthy habits stick and that I am focusing on myself as a person and not just one element.  Over the summer, I had a horrible few weeks of insomnia which lead me to look into how to better take care of my “sleep health.”  There are several different things I did/researched but the one I am highlighting here is my decision to do a cleanse.

Just as I am not a resolution person, I am certainly not a “cleanser.”  In fact, I do not really think I have ever done a formal diet in my life and for most of my life have pretty much eaten like a preschooler.  I will pause here while some of you stare menacingly at your computer (I know it’s happening so I just thought I would throw it out there).  I was fortunate enough to be blessed with good genetics and an amazing metabolism for my early years.  As an adult, I have made strides to eat healthier, try new foods, and live in moderation, but I never really thought more about food than that.  As a result of the insomnia attack, I started learning how much food really can affect the body’s rhythms, especially for someone like me, who is a night shift worker.  So, in an effort to better my sleep health I made the decision to embark on a cleanse.

Now my cleanse is not one of the hokey-pokey cleanses you see some people doing, which consist of only drinking some water with spices and lemons.  That is craziness.  I actually eat food.  I wanted to know at the end of the day I was nurturing my body so I subscribed to the 3 Weeks to Vitality Cleanse by Mary Vance.  She is a dietician, out of California (I know, it’s the birth place of hokey-pokeyness.)  But, she seemed like a nice lady who really cares about the overall health of her clients.  I bought her ebook for $30 and embarked on my cleanse journey.  As a part of this journey, I’ve decided to capture it for other moms who like me, are trying to be a little bit healthier.  Perhaps you, yourself, struggle with sleep issues like I do, or energy level, or maybe just want to make better food choices.  This journey can be for you too.  So look out for future posts; the good, the bad, what I learn, and what I will never do again.

Even if a cleanse is not for you, everyone can benefit from eating a little healthier in their every day life.  Please share tips, tricks and words of encouragement as you follow me along in this journey.


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