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No two motherhood journeys are ever the same, even among those that are working moms. Our paths and ways of doing this mommy thing are uniquely are own, and that is worth celebrating. There are some incredibly talented and brilliant mamas in our city that gracefully wear the hats of both professional and mom. This series will highlight a handful of these women, as they open up on the delicate balance between their two worlds.

Josselyn Okorodudu professional moms

The next local momma in this series we bring to you is Josselyn Okorodudu! We got with her for a virtual interview and are excited to share some of her story and perspective on motherhood and the change she is helping bring to Black women and mothers through Queens Village in the Queen City.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

I am a mom, a wife, and a revolutionary. It is my purpose to knock down systems of oppression meant to discourage and depress the advancement of Black people. The greatest tools I have at my disposal are love, joy, and the wonderful embrace of other Black women like me.

Josselyn Okorodudu

What’s Your Favorite Part of Being a Working Mom?

My favorite part of being a working mom is the example that it gives my daughter, Brynn. I want to show by example that being a woman and a mom does not have to mean giving up on yourself or your goals. I want her to know that it is important that she honor herself through marriage, relationships, and motherhood.

What Ways do You Make Sure to Connect with Your Kids on an Intentional Level?

One thing that I always do with my children is read stories before bed time. I love to drag it out by asking questions about the pages, the characters, and the story. We crowd into my bed and do this every night. My babies are almost ready for us to start reading Harry Potter together and I CANNOT wait! I’m also trying to turn them into nature nuts by dragging them along to hikes in the woods. Will report back on that effort in about a decade.

Josselyn Okorodudu family

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Motherhood?

I would definitely have to say just surviving it. Any mom knows that momming ain’t easy, and so to have the fortitude to wake up reasonably happy and willing to keep trying is a victory. The best thing about me is my kids.

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Your Career?

The greatest work I have ever done is what I currently do with Cradle Cincinnati and Queens Village. Because of this work, I have been able to provide community for Black women, uplift their beautiful voices, and address the oft- forgotten concerns of Black families in an effort to address the racial disparity in infant mortality in Hamilton County. It is truly a labor of love because I know that when I am giving my all to this effort, I am also giving my all to my family, my friends, and my daughter.

josselyn queens village cradle cincinnati

Have You Ever had a Conflict of Passion between Your Kids and Your Career?


What has been Your Toughest Moment of Wearing Both Hats of Professional and Mother?

The toughest moment for me came around the time that my oldest son was diagnosed with autism. For a very long time, I just didn’t have the capacity to be a great employee and a great mom who was desperately trying to manage my grief and fears for my son. At the time, I was hard on myself. In retrospect, I did the best I could and I am ok with that.

Thank you, Josselyn, for sharing with us!

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Are you a working mom? How do you balance a career and kids?


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