Professional Moms :: A Series {Priya Dhingra Klocek}

No two motherhood journeys are ever the same, even among those that are working moms. Our paths and ways of doing this mommy thing are uniquely are own, and that is worth celebrating. There are some incredibly talented and brilliant mamas in our city that gracefully wear the hats of both professional and mom. This series will highlight a handful of these women, as they open up on the delicate balance between their two worlds.

professional moms Priya Dhingra Klocek

The next local lady in this series we bring to you is Priya Dhingra Klocek! We got with her for a virtual interview and are excited to share some of her story and perspective on motherhood and being the owner of her own business she created over a decade ago.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

I am a business owner and mom! I grew up in India and have called Cincinnati home for the last 27 years.

I am a business consultant, executive coach, mentor, and facilitator. My mission is to help organizations manage and develop their most important assets: People. My consulting practice, Consultant On The Go LLC focuses on diagnosing and improving the fundamental human interactions upon which all successful businesses are built.

Priya Dhingra KlocekWhat’s Your Favorite Part of Being a Working Mom?

Flexibility, but also showing my daughter how manage and balance conflicting priorities.

What Ways do You Make Sure to Connect with Your Kids on an Intentional Level?

I schedule time on my calendar.

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Motherhood?

If what I am doing is an achievement is still to be found out (in due time!) – raising a confident child who is not afraid to speak her mind.

What is Your Greatest Achievement/Accomplishment in Your Career?

Building a business from nothing and sustaining it still 13 years later.

Have You Ever had a Conflict of Passion between Your Kids and Your Career?


What has been Your Toughest Moment of Wearing Both Hats of Professional and Mother?

Finding balance and space for ME!

Thank you, Priya, for sharing with us!

Are you a working mom? How do you balance a career and kids?


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