Reading Grandma


“I love my Reading Grandma,” is what my daughter, Soraya, who is 4 says often.

The friendship between my daughter and this sweet “Reading Grandma,” Ms.Rita, began on a snow day when the school closed for the day. I had no choice but to take Soraya with me to a local bookstore. I was so thankful my son’s school was still open!

I went to my usual table, close to the fireplace so that I could do what I had to in those precious two hours I had before I had to run off and get Langston. Knowing Soraya was going to be with me, I had packed her backpack with many things that would keep her occupied. The first thing we did was get some books, get a stuffy, and then we got settled in so that mama could get some work done. Well, sitting by the fireplace, was a sweet lady reading a book and sipping from her to-go coffee cup. For those that don’t know my children, they are both very social and LOVE saying hello to strangers, commenting on something they like, and giving them a hug. This day was no different.

Soraya noticed this sweet-looking lady and ran right up to her.

reading grandma

“Hi! I really like your glasses! Do you like the books I picked? Pink is my favorite color! What are you reading? My name is Soraya. What’s your name?” She didn’t miss a beat and had to get it out of her system. We learned that this sweet lady’s name was Rita.

Soraya looked at her and said, “Well that’s a nice name.” Ms.Rita responded, “Thank you. I like your name, too. It’s beautiful. Would you like me to read those books to you? If that’s ok with mommy.” I was personally delighted and said of course! Ms.Rita let me know that she was a retired school teacher and that it would be an honor and fill her heart for being able to read to her.

I went to my table that was next to them and did my work as Ms.Rita read to Soraya. You could see they were both loving and enjoying the moment, as they would pause and have short discussions in between pages. It was beautiful to see and hear, but I didn’t want to take advantage of Ms.Rita and asked Soraya to get some new books. This way I could read to her and give Ms.Rita a break.

On our way to get new books, Soraya says to me, “Mommy, I just love my Reading Grandma. Is it ok if she’s my new Reading Grandma? I just love her so much. She’s so special and reads very well.” I told her of course. We finished up but Soraya wanted Ms.Rita to read to her again before we left. She then asked Ms.Rita if it was ok if she called her “Reading Grandma.” Ms.Rita was ok with it, and so it was. They finished up and it was time to go. We thanked Ms.Rita and went on our way.

Months passed and we got another snow day and the school was closed.

My son’s school wasn’t affected but Soraya was with me again. We did the same as last time and headed off to the bookstore. Soraya was so excited. She expressed that she loved reading books and was hoping that her Reading Grandma was there today. I was surprised she remembered. I let her know that we’d have to go in and see. We got our stuff, went inside, got some books, turned the corner to our spot… and low and behold …it was her Reading Grandma.

Soraya was a little shocked, a little surprised, but very happy overall. I asked her, “Soraya, that’s your Reading Grandma. Do you remember her from last time?” She responded, “Well, yes, I do. Reading Grandma can you read to me again today?” It was a funny hello, but she was eager to show her the book she had picked out. Ms.Rita was happy to read to her again. They got comfy and had their time together while I went to my table and do some work.

Since that day, Soraya has prayed every day for her Reading Grandma saying, “I love my Reading Grandma so much. I pray for her and am thankful for my Reading Grandma reading to me. I love her so much, beyond compare. Amen.” It’s so sweet.

On this day, I went by myself to the bookstore and was hoping I’d see Ms.Rita so that I could share this with her. I walked in and she was in her usual spot right by the fireplace. I was excited! Ms.Rita immediately asked about her “granddaughter” and I let her know that they both had school today. No snow day today. I then wasted no time in sharing what Soraya has been praying for her every day since we last saw her the week before. I could feel Ms.Rita feeling overjoyed, seeing her eyes getting shiny as she was just so touched by Soraya’s prayers. She shared with me that she was going through some things and could really use the prayers, and to please let Soraya know she was very thankful for her loving prayers as it’s exactly what she’s needing right now.

Never underestimate the power of love. Never underestimate the pure love a child has. Never underestimate the impact a little child can have on an adult. Such simple words lifted Ms.Rita (aka Reading Grandma) so much. I feel so blessed to have met Ms.Rita and so grateful for Soraya’s big heart. I will continue to let her and encourage her to follow her heart and passions.

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