Valentine’s Day: Showing Love From Your Piggy Bank


Valentine’s day and the portrait of love day is often showcased thru gifts of affection, be it thru extravagance or thoughtful expression. If one scrolls social media then shout outs for this special day may range of spa visits, expensive meals, high priced jewelry, and flowers of a grandiose display. These words are not knocking those gifts in the slightest because I truly believe that certain hearts have a love language of gift giving and that their love tank is full to overflowing when allowed a choice of how to bless others. It is definitely up to the heart giving to their loved one on the amount of finances shared for there is never a certain type of way; it’s from the attitude of the giver that counts.

My 7-year-old daughter is one of those hearts that is IN LOVE with the idea of LOVE as she voices often, “Mom, I just love love.” She would spend all her precious money bank on giving if she had the means because it truly fills her love tank to see others joy in receiving a gift.

This led to a conversation between my three youngest on ways we can bless others with giving in creative ways that I would love to share with you as we walk into this month of focusing on love and affection.

What does love mean to you?

My 7-year-old daughter voices, “When I think of Valentine’s day I think of being kind and loving. I like love because you can take care of people and love on others who are hurting or need to be reminded that they are loved.”

How can you show love on V-day?

“Well Mom, love is about the kind things and you never have to spend money to show kindness so that means that we need to show love all the time because it’s not a one day type of kindness: it’s found in the every day.”  

Just then, my 5-year-old and 8-year-old chime in their opinions, “Oh, and people know you REALLY mean love for them when it has xoxo and hearts on it.

“Oh, I know Mom. We can give ideas for you to share with others so they can remember how to show love without spending money if their piggy banks are low.”

Let’s call it…

H * E * A * R * T

Gift ideas straight from the hearts of my little tribe to yours:

  • “H” reminds us that HAVING time with people you love makes HAPPY hearts. You can put your phone away for the entire day and play board games, take a walk, or do something WITH someone to show that you LOVE being with them. That is a gift of kindness.
  • “E” speaks about EVERY DAY is a time for love and not just Valentine’s day. You can make handwritten notes and draw beautiful pictures that someone can keep the whole year round so that they know you think of them more than just one day.
  • “A” is about ASK ALL the questions so someone knows you care about knowing them. You can facetime someone who does not live near you or call them on the phone or you can invite someone to eat together and make sure that you show love by ASKING them questions so you can know them better. That shows love.
  • “R” helps someone REMEMBER the fun memories you have shared. You can make them a picture book or a list of fun, special things that you have shared together. Maybe if you tell someone a favorite memory of them then that is a gift of love.
  • “T” is easy; it is about THANKFULNESS and telling people reasons why you love them. You can frame your favorite picture of you together and write on the frame “I am thankful for you because… {and say your favorite reason}.


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