Munch Madness with Whole Foods Market

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Whole Foods Market, however we would not partner with a business we did not feel brought value to our readers. The Cincinnati Moms Blog team enjoys shopping at Whole Foods Market and loves sharing helpful ideas with our snack-loving readers.


It is March and as a mom it is a time for snacks. Snacks for road trips, spring sports and March Madness parties. Luckily, our partners at Whole Foods Market (WFM) have you covered with snacks you feel good about serving. All their foods are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. And the best part, the 365 line is affordable too! Whole Foods Market also publishes a monthly coupon booklet for even more snack savings.

I have broken down their 365 and Whole Foods Market brand offerings down by category to make it easy to plan for anything this spring throws your way.

Road trips

Spring means road trip time and traveling kids=hungry kids. I think the moment my kids get in the car they think they need to eat! To avoid too many fast food stops, Whole Foods Market has snacks to satisfy the pickiest kids on the longest trips. So pack a bag and let’s go!

Trail Mix. Buy one of the many prepackaged 365 varieties or make your own!

“On the Ride” lunch of ham and cheese roll ups, veggie chips and applesauce.

My family’s favorite, peanut butter pretzel nuggets!


Spring Sport Snacks

My son is running track and needs a quick, nutritious snack before practice. My daughter is playing both lacrosse and softball and I need healthy snacks on the go and for my turn in the team snack rotation.

Mixed nuts, dried cranberries and a cheese stick make a great after school snack

Quacken Bites, 365 cereal bars and granola bars are great prepackaged options.

March Madness

Big sporting events mean big crowds and Whole Foods Market has you covered. Aside from their array of prepared foods and premade pizzas, veggie and fruit trays, frozen snacks and desserts they have a great selection of house made tortilla chips, dips, salsas and guacs. Add a 6 pack or growler of craft beer or some 365 Soda and you have a party!

WFM has prepared foods for all your party needs

And my personal favorite, house made tortilla chips and all the dips you could want!

Spring is crazy, so take some of the stress from your life and let Whole Foods Market provide you with feel good snacks that taste awesome too!


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