Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter


The kids have been in school for a few months and the runny noses and coughs and illnesses are going around. What’s a mom to do?

Try your best to keep everyone healthy with our tips for this winter!

Wash your hands

The CDC states that “handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.” Use their wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry method for at least 20 seconds. If your kids get antsy, sing a song to get them through that 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to a sink, carry some hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag and use that instead.

Get a flu shot

 The American Association of Pediatrics recommends flu shots for children six months and older. As a former Pediatric ICU RN, I cannot tell you how difficult is to watch an otherwise healthy child be taken off life support because they were unvaccinated for the flu. Questions? Talk to your pediatrician. Guard yourself as well as your family and get a flu shot too!

Cook and eat healthy meals at home

It is hard to be cooped up when the weather is cold, but going out to restaurants to eat all the time isn’t the healthiest option. When you can, try to eat as many meals at home as you can. It can be hard to eat healthy this time of year, but loading up on carbs, comfort food and sweets will not make you feel good. Try to incorporate in-season fruits and veggies into your meals.

Only go to the doctor if needed

Try not to hit up the doctor’s office every time someone has a sniffle or a fever. Call your doctor if you are worried and ask if you or your child needs to be seen. Often times, though, rest and relaxation, maybe some Tylenol and lots of snuggles are all that is needed to feel better. You’re also not going to be exposed to even more germs at the doctor’s office if you can fight off colds or viruses at home.

Get outside

Even though it’s colder, getting outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D is important in the winter! The World Health Organization recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day for children aged 5-17. Find something everyone enjoys—walking, running, biking, even skiing—and bundle up and get outside!

Make sure everyone gets good sleep

Shorter days should help get everyone to bed on time. Stick to a routine so everyone (yourself included) gets adequate sleep every night. Make mornings easier by deciding on school outfits and having lunches packed the night before. A few extra minutes of sleep may help everyone, and you won’t be as rushed in the morning.

How do you keep your loved ones healthy in the winter?



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