Staycation for the Cincinnati Born & Raised Family


Staycations are amazing for several reasons. Sometimes you just can’t afford the big fancy vacation, sometimes you just don’t want that added stress, and sometimes, it is just downright more relaxing to take some time off without leaving home.

Lucky for us, Cincinnati is an incredible city for staycation planning.

This series is designed to give you some excellent suggestions to help you plan your staycation. Feel free to follow the themes or mix and match between them!

Everyone knows that you can’t call yourself a Cincinnatian unless you have cheered (and cried) at a local sports game, ridden The Beast, & understand why Graeter’s chocolate chips are unparalleled. So, what do you do in your city when you feel like you have done it all?

Staycation for the Cincinnati Born & Raised Family

Day One

Hit the Highway & Visit a Part of Town You Rarely (or Never) Go To

North to South

If you are a “northerner” (ie. West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, etc…), we challenge you to go to Kentucky. We recommend the following destinations:

South to North

If you live South of the river, go see the North. We recommend:

East to West

Live in Anderson Township or Amelia? Then head to the West Side and check out:

West to East

Head into the city and keep going on past. We recommend:

And for those of you who are central…

Be honest, pick the place you don’t often visit and head there. This city is amazing no matter where you go!

Day Two

Shop Local

Cincinnati is a great place for small business.

Take a moment to check out some great areas:

  • Oakley Square
  • Historic Loveland
  • Vine St. OTR
  • Bellevue, KY
  • Oxford, OH

Day Three

Find New Food

We all know the usual Cincinnati staples… Skyline, Gold Star, Larosa’s

Take some time to check out some other Cincinnati food that has been around for a while… for a reason.

  • Mecklenburg Gardens
  • Mt. Adams Bar & Grill
  • Pompilio’s
  • Montgomery Inn
  • The Golden Lamb
  • The Echo
  • The Precinct
  • Arthur’s
  • Grand Finale
  • Camp Washinton Chili

Day Four

Road Trip

Cincinnati is a convenient drive from some other amazing cities.

We have a great road trip resource and some great write-ups to help you out.

Day Five

Cincinnati Bucket List

Can you really call yourself a Cincinnatian if you haven’t done the things on this list?

Read over this list and if you have missed out on one of these tried and true Cincinnati experiences, check it off today!

  • Visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Ride the beast at Kings Island
  • Slide down the silver bullet at Coney Island
  • Take a walk in Spring Grove Cemetary
  • Check out the plants at Krohn Conservatory
  • Take in a Red’s game
  • Dine on some Eli’s BBQ
  • Spend the morning at Findlay Market
  • Devour Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip ice cream
  • Grab some goetta


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