Summer Blues


When I open my computer, I write for fun. I write for enjoyment. I write to try and help moms feel like they are not alone in the struggle of motherhood. If one person reads any of my blogs and feels a little better afterward, I have served a purpose.

Today, I have no advice or words or encouragement. Today, I am expressing the difficulties I face as a mom. My son is sweet, loving, and extremely high energy. He is wonderful and full of life but also overwhelming, as all kids can be. He is why my laptop is missing two keys.

With summer break in full swing and being a stay-at-home mom, I am struggling to keep these kids entertained 24/7. My son expects every second of every day to be filled with fun. He needs me to be his playmate and his source of entertainment all day long. I might as well have red, curly hair and a nose that honks. I often feel like I am running out of steam or energy. He is always busy and asking questions (the same series of questions…). It can be hard to not respond with a little frustration in my voice as I answer the same questions with the same answers over and over and over.

“Is dad home yet?”
“When are we going to do something fun?”
“Mom, I am bored!”
“Mom, can we get out the play-doh?” (the messiest thing ever)
“Mom, can we paint?” (the second messiest thing ever)
“Mom I want to go swimming/to the park/to Pogo Play/to the McDonald’s play area.”

Summer is kicking my butt. The kids are making messes faster than I can clean them up. I am trying to keep a schedule so these goofballs know what to expect and to keep our house in order, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t let them stay up later than usual in hopes that they will sleep in longer.

I love my little angels. They truly are the reason I breathe. I would not trade it in for a second, but I am in desperate need of a mom break. It is something that can be hard to come by but is necessary. The small ones are almost a tease. The long breaks you take in the bathroom while your kids are banging on the other side of the door, the small moments of peace you get when they get lost in a show (for all of 2 minutes), when they are quietly playing together for a change (but again, this is short-lived). It just isn’t enough time.

Even showers are spent with your kids. My daughter is 1 and a half, so I keep her in the bathroom with me to make sure she is safe, which makes my son wants to hang out in there, too. It can feel like I am an animal at the zoo, just being watched in my natural habitat.

You can see the mom as she washes her hair in the shower, trying to hide her body behind the curtain but open enough so she can still see her pack emptying out the drawer of toothpaste and hair ties.” – Australian nature show voice

As hair-pulling as it can be, I wouldn’t trade my crazy and wild nature show for anything. I wouldn’t give up the pictures they make that are displayed on the fridge or the dandelions picked from the backyard for all the mom breaks in the world. And in the end, they are enough to help me beat these summertime blues.


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