Bring On the Teens This Halloween


When we picture Halloween, we imagine little kids dressed as princesses, witches, dinosaurs, and pirates. We don’t imagine 5′ 8″ mini-adults sashaying up to our front porches with a pillowcase in hand.

But why not? Really, why not?


As teenagers, they reached the golden age where most of their childhood delights have long passed: the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa… all poofed away. They face daily anxiety-filled worries of failing tests and getting into college and have less than a hand’s worth of years until they are adults.

They could be out drinking, throwing parties, disappearing into the void of TikTok and Instagram. Instead, they are dressing up with a group of friends and relishing in the very few remaining rituals of childhood. Instead of performing the next asinine devious lick challenge, they are jumping with the same joy as third-graders at the sight of a full-sized candy bar.

So, let them go out. Let them ring the doorbell and be met with, “And who are you dressed up as?” Let them run as fast as they can to score a huge stash of candy. Let them come in whatever outfit they chose, even if we have no clue who they are supposed to be. Let them laugh and be carefree without explanation as to why they are still trick or treating.

We are nearing the two-year mark for Covid…

These teens have given up, lived through weirdness, missed out on birthdays, holidays, family events, sports, dances, elementary and middle school graduations, last day rituals, and just life. They have endured and continue to carry on. For the most part, they do so without complaint. Many mask up to protect siblings and did so knowing they could be targeted. Others are struggling to catch up after a very disrupted last year and another school year of quarantines. Yet, they soldier on better than many of the adults around them.

And here they are… on your doorstep, perhaps dressed as Billie Eilish, Baby Ariel, or Zach King… who cares. Give the teens the candy; let them have this night. This may be the only time this month they feel lighthearted and young.

So when their grown voices ring out, “Trick or treat!” Give them a treat. Let them be a kid.


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