10 Must-See TikToks For Moms


The pandemic has caused me to join TikTok; a social media application where people can create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. Despite the app being targeted toward younger viewers, I, at 32, have joined to satisfy my need for community while also practicing social distancing.

When scrolling through the videos into what I call a “black hole” that I can’t get out of (because it truly is addicting), I somehow feel incredibly understood despite being isolated from most everyone I know. As a mother of three under three, this pandemic hasn’t been easy. TikTok has provided me with relatable videos that are sometimes, absolutely hilarious, and help me get out of my funk!


To continue to make the most of your situation (in case you are still going crazy at home like I am), check out the list I’ve compiled of TikToks you cannot miss!

  1. This may be the most relatable video I’ve ever seen. You’ve got to love mom groups!
  2. There are a TON of people out there doing the #toddlerchallenge, where a toddler’s self-control is tested. If you’re a Kardashian fan, you’ll love this one of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi.
  3. This one made me giggle. When my twins were young, I was always giving my husband a hard time about being careful with our newborn babies.
  4. Here is one for all of you mothers of boys out there. Hilarious!
  5. Humor is the only way to get through these times with your spouse!
  6. This one is insanely impressive. As a mother of twins and three under three, I am in awe of this woman and her determination!
  7. With two 2 ½-year-old girls, I am waiting for this to happen to me one day.
  8. This sums up the soundtrack of my life during this pandemic. Good, clean, baby shark trap music with my signature dance moves as a visual.
  9. I am pretty sure my husband has done this before. As parents, we often feel we are losing our minds!
  10. Too much information (TMI) warning – I’m a huge fan of Juggling the Jenkins and thought this video was super relatable. I can sometimes be self-conscious about something that is going on with my body, etc., but I certainly don’t share it with others, like Tiffany does in this one!

Do you TikTok? What are some of your favorites? Share them with me on via @exhaustedmomoftwins on TikTok. I have yet to make my own post, but I do not miss any of my TikTok favorites!


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