Traveling With Your Kids: A Bucket List of Destinations (Series)


PassportIf I convinced you that packing up your kids and traveling to a far away land isn’t completely crazy in this post, perhaps you have been wondering where to go. Well, I have some ideas for you! Here are the top five places on my personal bucket list to visit with our kids. They are also places I think would be great for anyone taking their kids abroad for the first (or 2nd or 10th) time.

1. London No shocker here if you read my last post on why to travel with your kids. Our first “big trip” out of the country as a family was just this past fall to London. It was wonderful in every way. With no language barrier, so much history to explore, excellent public transportation, parks and green space scattered throughout the city, and more sites—both fun and educational—than we could see even if we’d had a month, London is a perfect trip for families.

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2. Costa Rica Beaches, rainforest, volcano, exotic wildlife, and endless eco-adventures—what more could a kid (or a mom) want? Costa Rica is on our list for all of these reasons. One of my children is already dreaming of learning to surf along one of the beautiful beaches, while another is lobbying to practice his zip lining now so he’s prepared.

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3. Australia I said bucket list, right? It may be a stretch, but I definitely have the Land Down Under on our list of places to see someday. The kids just want to know why we can’t go RIGHT NOW. Sigh. With both exciting, modern cities and diverse natural wonders from colorful coral reefs to glittering beaches to snowy mountaintops and more, Australia is worth the flight. The hardest part will be the planning—deciding what to see and what to skip because there won’t be time to see it all!

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4. Singapore This clean, safe, modern city is one of the most family friendly destinations in Asia. We could spend days simply exploring the mix of cultures in Singapore—browsing the wares of the street vendors and shops, sampling the delicious cuisine, walking through the city and people watching. Still, there’s plenty more to do for the adventurous or (bite your tongue) bored—museums, amusement parks, water parks, and even an indoor snow park for skiing, sledding, and snowboarding.

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5. Anywhere you have friends or family The very best places to travel are the places where you have a connection to the people, the culture, or the land. The Philippines and Turkey are on our list not only because they are beautiful countries with interesting culture, but also because of friends and family who are happy to be our personal tour guides. Transportation, communication, and planning are all easier with the help of an informed local. With friends or family to help us navigate our way around, these far-off lands are less daunting destinations than if we were all on our own, not to mention more even more fun!

The world is such a wide and wonderful place. Even though we have just barely begun, I smile to see my kids take it all in and to hear their thoughts on new places and people.

What destinations are on your family bucket list?

Where would like to take your children?

Where will you go?

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