When You Need a Vacay from Your Vacation


My social media feed right now is flooded with portraits of travels and families outstretched in joy to be vacationing together in this season. Yet, here we have all been quarantined and restricted over this past year, and then all of a sudden, the options for activity and pick up and go feels endless. 

I have been hearing more people say, “I need a vacation from my vacation,” as busier days become a new norm for some.


Setting time to break away from the mundane is a core priority in our family, and after different times away this year, it has reminded me of the importance of giving space to transition back home after a vacation. The value that comes with time away is the gift of replenishment and rest as renewed perspective speaks into a soul having purposed time to simply just be. Out of nurturance and care, it is a form of self-care to allow that space to be a fuel back into your every day. 

Self-care is a disciplined habit that takes intentionality to recognize the necessity of building in margin to find the right kind of rhythm for your mental health. Allow vacation to be a source of strength in your chapter and know that it can serve you back at home also. It is a launching pad for the roles that you play in your story and when done well, it will continue to breathe fresh wind for you as you need it in weeks to come. 

When you plan for your travel, adjust your schedule to give a two-day margin upon returning. Clean your home before you leave, so when you return, you are entering a fresh home only needing minimal tending to as you enter. Adjust the days of the week that you travel to allot for this space to step back into the grind intentionally.

Day 1: Step Back In

I know the last thing you want to do when you get home is jump back into task mode, but I have found that when you lean in and just get it done then you have mental space for day 2 to transition without the stress of a to-do list hanging over you. 

  • Get groceries (I order these on my way home on Clicklist so then we just pick up or I use Amazon Prime for free delivery on the day we get home.) 
  • Prep any food you want for the week
  • Write out a to-do list for the week
  • Unpack
  • Laundry

Day 2: Prepare the Space 

You have already unpacked and tended to transitioning your family back into your home and now you have a day to take that vacation space and allow it to fuel you back home instead of stressing you with the “grass is greener vacation space.” The margin you live at home is in your control. Allow today to transition your spirit with grace. 

  • Mental health day
  • Journal places of gratitude you experienced while on trip 
  • Voice any troubleshooting experiences that taught you while on trip
  • Give yourself the space to be slow today and introvert with your family

Enjoy that vacation friends and may it be a place that serves you well in the everyday chapter you are living.

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