What is Your Super Power?


super powerIf you look at yourself, your life, your family… What is your super power?

In short, your super powers are what get you going and moving. It’s your talent + your passion + your actions that equal your super powers.

HOWEVER…to add levity to your life right now, dream big and have fun with me here! Let your inner child come out and let that creativity flow to imagine yourself as the superwoman of town… And, I’m not referring to the DC comic book heroes like what you’ve seen on TV. So if you have a second, come with me on this ride to learn about my super power so that you can find yours, too.

My super powers would be LOVE and HEALING. My super hero-level of these powers could help me love those who are beyond being loved by anyone else – those who have caused so much harm that only the harshest of punishments have been reserved for them. Imagine how much love it would take to cure the person from all the hurt, hatred, and darkness filled in their lives from the time they were a little child. My power of love would be able to heal them so much so that they would be able to come back to society and spread the love themselves as well as heal others… ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE. Loving your enemy is the hardest thing to do and something you don’t want to deal with at times, however having love as my super power, it’s not an issue and becomes my mission – to love those in the darkest of darkest places. I can provide them a glimpse of the light, hope, and faith they need to know that they matter and are someone in this world that has a purpose.

My super power of love would also be able to make incredible changes in the world because it would have the power to change someone’s perspective for the better, where making the right choice would not be so difficult and challenging. My love would let them see the other perspective and help them realize that the storm that surrounds them is just a storm and will soon pass. Another way of saying that is things that happen to them in reality is nothing but a story, therefore a story they can change for a different ending. It also means that they do not need to stay in the storm. All they have to do is turn the page to change their scene. They can change their scene into something that is so beautiful and breathtaking that it seems like a dream, yet a dream that does not need to end. My super power of love would be able to make those dreams, those stories, into something that feels real and gives them light to keep moving forward and spreading the news with others, therefore giving them hope and letting people know the secret – all you have to do to get out of the storm is turn the page. Yes, just like that – your world changes for the better.

My super power of love would be so grand that it would also heal the earth from the inner core to the outer layer of the ozone layer. My love being spread through to each human being, one at a time, would help the earth because each human would have to replenish their love so they may continue to spread the love. To replenish our grand super power of love would mean we would have to get our hand into the earth, tell it how grateful we are for everything it provides, and continue to nurture it by planting new seeds, pruning, and making way for new growth constantly. The earth is our love generator and without it, we begin to fall weak. However, because there is always one who is filled with love, the love is passed from plants to humans, humans to humans, and humans to plants. A fresh start each time, where all is forgiven and forgotten.

My super powers of love is all that we would need because with it, all your dreams come true, all the pain and chains of hurt would be dissolved, and our earth would continue to be well taken care of so that it could continue to take care of us.

As much as this was a silly story of imagination, the truth is that God/Allah/The Universe/Your Higher Self IS LOVE and with love, SO MUCH can be accomplished. Our lives are actually stories that we tell ourselves and those same stories change over time as we age and our memories change. Whenever in a bad situation, you CAN decide on how the story is affecting you regardless of the reality. The storm does pass by and during that storm, you may be broken down, which only means you’ll be built back up even stronger than before.

LOVE IS POWERFUL! Your mind IS extraordinary…

So…what is your super power?

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