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Here at Cincinnati Moms Blog, we are huge fans of our city…and the lovely people who also call it home.  Our “Faces of Cincinnati” series will introduce you to some of these people!

Since 2013, Katie, an NKY-native turned Buckeye resident, has been blogging about her social and fashion adventures around town online via her blog OUT + OUTFIT. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, Katie will give you a run down of everything that is happening in the Queen City, from where to go to what to wear, without looking like you’re wearing mom jeans.

From one Catholic grade school, to another Catholic all-girl high school, to an English degree from the University of Kentucky, and then a Master’s degree in Education from Miami University, Katie is one smart cookie. She’s a modern day superwoman — a high school English teacher by day, and a blogger/wife/mom by night. When she’s not busy (but when is she not?!), she’s spending time with her husband of six years and her high school sweetheart, her son, Harry (2), and preparing for an addition to her family, a daughter this July! Read on to hear about Katie’s personal style, the trend for summer, and her ideas of what to wear when you have nothing to wear. Meet the stylish (and busy) Katie from OUT + OUTFIT.

The Backstory

I started blogging almost four years ago because I was an avid reader and user of blogs. I loved checking out the pictures, following along with everyone, and using each and every blogger as a style inspiration and leader as options of what to find and buy. Because I liked them both for art and for functionality, I kept thinking about getting in on the action as well. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to be, and once I had a vision for the point – the combination of both going out (OUT) and what to wear ( + OUTFIT) – I was all in.

What to wear for your night out — Tops that accent your shoulders are great for summer and a night out in OTR with your best gals.

Passion for Fashion

I have always been into fashion. Have I always been fashionable? Heck, no. In fact, I think it has only been recently that I’ve really started understanding my personal style, but I’ve literally always liked and wanted clothes. I can remember working in high school and on particularly big paydays being able to take that cash, drive to Hollister, and get whatever I wanted. Nothing made me happier or gave me a bigger high.

The Ring Master

Nothing in my life feels like a chore. I really like my career, and while it is stressful and hard at times, I don’t feel like it overtakes me. I really like my son, and while he is stressful and hard at times, I don’t feel like he overtakes me. Same can be said for the blog, and working out, and cleaning up the house, and going out to eat, and making time to travel and see friends on the weekend – it is all a part of life and simply about balance.

What to wear for a for your non-stop day — Consider a dress with a polished jacket for a layered, day to night look.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My personal style has evolved into what I would like to describe as more sleek and cool. On the whole, I am probably a minimalist. I really like to keep things simple and streamlined. I am not big on bright colors, or bold patterns (excluding florals), or statement anything for that matter. During the winter, I cannot get out of black jeans, with black and/or dark tops, and drape collar or moto jackets. In the spring and summer, I incorporate more feminine flows and cuts, with ruffle details and silk, but still try to keep them in the same color family (blues with blue jeans, whites with whites). One thing that does tend to be most consistent is stripes – I cannot get away from them!  

What to wear for your trip to the Cincinnati Zoo — Think casual, but not sweatpants. Style hack: add a bandana for a fresh look!

Mall Rat

Shopping is my own personal hobby. I am a Kenwood Mall loyalist, but I do A LOT of online shopping, as well. Not because I don’t like to shop, but because I’m typically looking for something specific in mind and I know how to navigate the internet to find it. But when I just want to get out, I really like to frequent the big names – Nordstrom, Anthro, Madewell, Banana, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Gap, etc.

Cruel Summer

My on trend addiction this summer is mules. I am loving the slider trend in both sandals and heels, and while shoes have never been my guiltiest pleasure, I can’t stop buying them.

What to wear to your summer BBQ party — Distressed jeans, off-the-shoulder top and MULES for a casual look.


I would like to think that I hate the idea of matching outfits with a child, but my son and I match all the time. We both have the exact same pair of black Nikes and white Chuck Taylors. We’ve also both gone out at the same time in distressed jean shorts and striped long sleeve shirts. I don’t do it because I want to match, but I have found that since I am in charge of his wardrobe, I am picking him up the things that I of course like, therefore we’re #twinning more often than not. It will probably only get worse with the impending arrival of my daughter. Her romper collection is equivalent to mine already, so things might get awkward. 

Maternity Eternity Wear

I actually love and often call my maternity jeans “eternity jeans,” because I really want to wear them all the time.  I don’t think there is anything else you have to buy specifically as maternity – ESPECIALLY TOPS. A few blog posts ago, I was trying on a dress at Madewell, in an XS, which will work now and later.

What to wear when you have a baby bump — Maxi, wrap dresses are huge right now and can accent your bump (in a good way!).

We hope you were able to pick up a few fashion tips! CMB would like to thank Katie for her time, her words, and more importantly, her fashion advice!

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Born and raised in Tipp City, Ohio surrounded by cornfields and hometown parades. I now live near Ault Park, with my husband, Matt, and two year old boy/girl twins, Shep and Caroline. You can most likely find me dreaming up party themes, the occasional DIY, DVRing reality television to the point of second hand embarrassment, and playing with (more like chasing) my kids around the park. Most days I leave the house uncertain I'm not wearing mom jeans.


  1. Just found your blog, really enjoyed it, plan on visiting your state soon and wanted to know what to wear, so as not to over pack for about a weeks’ stay.


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